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Patient Testimonials

I see Carla virtually for custom herbal formulas and she’s helped me a lot with clearing some undesirable dampness! My husband started seeing her too and he’s also seeing results just a week in. She clearly knows her stuff and she’s very responsive. Highly recommend to anyone in need of herbal support.  ~Samantha H.


am very glad that I came to White Lotus Acupuncture. Ever since I started having acupuncture with Carla I can see a difference in my knees and digestive system. I barely have this pain that I was having before due to arthritis and I can say that the problems that I was experiencing in my digestive system have change for the better. 

I am very glad I came here. The office is beautiful, cozy and very clean. The energy is very positive and healing. Carla is an amazing acupuncturist and herbalist. She definitely knows what she is talking about.  She is very professional and respectful. The vibe is welcoming and her energy is one of positivity, compassion, security and loving. I am very grateful that I came here.  ~Janet D.


From the first appointment, Carla made me feel at ease, answered all my questions, and made me feel better. Each session has helped with my ailments, including headaches, knee pain, back pain, and cramps. I feel renewed and calmer after each session. Highly recommend.  ~Maura K. 


Carla’s place is so calm and cozy that you cannot help but feel good as you walk in. She has been wonderful in helping me walk pain free in the last few months. She modifies each session to fit your current needs and allows you to leave as rested as possible. She checks on you days after your treatment and never stops suggesting new stuff that will allow you to feel great. Carla is very patient and will not give up until you feel your best. Better sleep and digestion, low stress/anxiety, and being pain free are all things im experiencing at once for the first time in forever. Be patient, trust Carla’s process and you will feel your best before you know it.  ~Losnick D. 


I recently came to White Lotus because I wrenched my back and was in severe pain. Being new to the Bayonne area, I did not know what providers were good. I was desperate for help because of the severe pain that I was in as well as my limited mobility. I also have a demanding job and a 15 month old to take care of which only heightened my stress. I used sites like Yelp to try and identify acupuncturists in the area, paying close attention to customer reviews to try and guide my decisions. White Lotus was one of the places that came up that had great reviews. I even spoke to another provider in the area who recommended Carla from White Lotus as a great option for support. Carla did not disappoint. She was immediately accommodating, seeing me on a Sunday because of the pain I was in. From my first appointment, I saw immediate results and felt relief. By my third, my pain was significantly better and my mobility 90% back to normal. Her approach and bed side manner gave me immediate ease. My appointments were never rushed and Carla made sure that I was comfortable every step of the way.  ~Brooke B. 


I was recommended to White Lotus from a friend and I now truly value my time there. It is the perfect 1 hour mental retreat. Carla is great and knows her stuff! She listens to your concerns and issues, evaluates you each time, always is changing up the treatment, and continues to check on you after your appointment has passed. You are not just another number at white lotus. I went in with migraines, anxiety, and some hormone issues. Not only did I find an improvement in my original problem areas but I also found I was sleeping better and developed better skin. Amazing.  ~Tiffany C. 


After five months of steroid and pain-killer injections, physical therapy, prescription strength NSAID medications (oral AND topical), I still had severe pain in my knees and was using a cane. I spent most of my time on the couch, since standing up and even walking was so painful. I couldn't sleep at night and was in a deep depression.

My first treatment with Carla brought me immediate relief. At first, the pain disappeared for just a few days after treatment; then the relief extended longer. After four treatments, I am pain-free. I tossed my cane aside and I sprint up and down the stairs. I am so thankful to have found Carla -- her professionalism is extraordinary. She explains exactly what she is doing and ALWAYS checks up the day after treatment to see how I'm doing. Her office is spotless and the treatments are extremely relaxing, with soothing music in the background. I STRONGLY recommend Carla and would advise anyone to try acupuncture as a treatment whenever traditional medicine needs a boost. ~Mary L. 


Carla is a magician. In 7 sessions she helped me get rid of so many health issues, it's nothing short of a miracle. I love coming to her center, filled with serenity and beautiful music. Thank you, Carla!  ~Lana C. 


I've been getting acupuncture treatment from White Lotus Acupuncture for 9 months and I have to say that I feel great holistically. I used to have a lot of head aches, neck and lower back pain. With acupuncture, I no longer get those pains.

In White Lotus Acupuncture, the ambiance is very relaxing. I love going there because after a long day of work, I know I can come and relax and just let go of all the stress.

Carla is great! She addresses all your concerns regarding your body. She will also accommodate with you if you feel uncomfortable in any way. ~Marie V. 


I first started to go to Carla for Acupuncture to alleviate the high levels of stress I was experiencing. After seeing Carla for a few weeks my stress level started to drop. I also have terrible knee pain which Carla has helped me with dramatically. I highly recommend Carla if you were looking for a great acupuncturist!! ~Harriet T. 


I've been Carla's client since May 2015 (see my previous testimony). Due to family priority of caring for a terminally ill parent its been well over six months since my last session at White Lotus. All I can say is I feel horrible! My neck aches, backaches, and sinus headaches are creeping back. I reached out to Carla today and booked a session for this week. I cannot wait to go back to feeling pain free!! ~Carmela R. 


I came to Carla with Constant pain due to fraying and tiny tears on my rotator cuff and tendonitis as well as frozen shoulder. I had tried everything cortisone shots and 3 months of physical therapy and I was in constant pain from my shoulder to my wrist for 9 months!

Thanks to Carla I can say I am pain free!!! I can never thank her enough! I hope we will be friends forever I highly recommend Carla she is absolutely wonderful!!!  ~Clorinda T.


Carla is wonderful at her craft, and is a really lovely person to boot.  I went to her with severe bone pain due to endometriosis lupron treatments and she really worked wonders on me.  I felt pain in my right shoulder for almost a year and once Carla was done with me, I never felt it again and still don't to this day (this has been almost a year now). 

Not only did Carla do acupuncture but she did cupping on me as well which I highly recommend.  Her office is extremely clean and relaxing - don't be afraid to give it a try.  Carla is the best, very gentle!  ~Lori R.


My husband and I have been going to Carla (White Lotus Acupuncture) for a few months and it’s amazing the results that we both have after the treatment of acupuncture.  

My husband had severe back and neck pain from herniated discs and damage from an accident, there was no pills to control the pain he was suffering and after starting the treatment he feels amazing, back pain under control. Also he had sleeping, stress and stomach problems because he works night shifts and her professionalism and knowledge in acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies is amazing.  This man comes out totally renewed after the sessions. 

I personally tried it as a recommendation for my lower back problems and pain in my knees and It was unbelievable the relief of not feeling pain and discomfort as well as her dedication, compassion, courteous, understanding and caring about every need. I definitely recommend her as the best acupuncturist. The relaxing atmosphere and environment of White Lotus is excellent.  ~Glenda A.


I have been a patient of Carla's for about 2 months now, and I have to say that choosing to have acupuncture is the best decision I have ever made, in regards to my health. Prior to my first appointment, I had constant daily pain in my back due to degenerated disks, and 30 years of pain in my right arm, elbow and wrist from an old injury. My pain has since virtually disappeared, or been so reduced, I have forgotten how much I used to hurt all the time. 

In addition to reaping the rewards of not being in constant pain, I no longer need to take daily anti-inflammatory medication. I have also seen other changes in my body that until mentioned didn't even realize, as far as my body's core was like an oven and I was constantly burning up/overheating from the inside out. My body temperature seems to be more evenly regulated.

Carla explains what she is doing and the purpose of it, and what the results are for different areas of your body, so it's not just you laying there not knowing/understanding what is taking place and why, for those of us who want to know what and why.

I also have gained a new friend in Carla, as she is one of the most friendly, compassionate, genuine and down to earth caring people around. She listens to you, stays in touch, and treats you like you are a fellow human, not some name on a piece of paper. 

White Lotus Acupuncture's environment is very peaceful, where you can unwind, destress, and relax while being treated. The treatments improve your over all health, and far out last "just a massage" at a spa.

If you have been living with pain, tired of taking pills and getting little to no relief at all, and open to trying something that is 3000 years old with PROVEN benefits, try acupuncture!!!  I HIGHLY recommend exploring the world of acupuncture with Carla!!! :-)   ~Susan S.


I have been going to White Lotus Acupuncture for almost a year at this point.  Working with Carla has improved my health in so many ways.  I have two herniations in my lower back.  Through working with Carla I have been able to make this pain more manageable and have reduced the amount of medications that I take in order to manage the pain greatly.  

In addition to this back pain I have constant stomach issues.  Going to Carla has helped to reduce stomach cramping and constipation.  Those are my main issues but have also gone and had her help with allergies, colds, headaches, hip problems, sciatica and stress.   

I have a very busy, and ever changing schedule. Carla is extremely flexible with her hours available, as well as changing days around to fit your schedule!  I was always afraid to try acupuncture because of all of the needles...but when you go to White Lotus Acupuncture it has a spa-like calming experience, that enables you to leave feeling relaxed and refreshed!  ~Nicole F.


I started going to Carla when I was trying to become pregnant, I had read that acupuncture could help.  After  6 months of trying with no positive results, I decided to try acupuncture.  Low and behold, after three months of twice a week sessions I AM PREGNANT!!  I also suffered from terrible allergies, sinus pressure, constant sneezing, and acupuncture has helped considerable.  

I can't recommend Carla highly enough, she is amazing. The atmosphere at White Lotus Acupuncture is relaxing, therapeutic and professional. Carla is professional, knowledgable and amazing at her craft.  ~Irene N.


Carla is a gentle, caring and sincere person and professional. Before, during and after visits she provides a listening ear and sincerely cares about all concerns. Her intent is holistic wellness, and that she provides. The shop provides a tranquil experience. Clean. Quiet. Accessible.

Another great quality is her relatability, as she has had some of the ailments I've experienced, so she can speak from experience, beyond a book or research. Additionally, Carla makes herself available off-hours. She's responsive. With that, I've come to call her friend. If you are looking for a professional who is courteous, caring, thoughtful, and knowledgeable, look no further. Carla (White Lotus Acupuncture) is definitely a place you want to experience. ~Sheila A. 


I have been a client of White Lotus Acupuncture since May 2015.  I was suffering from consistent neck, upper and lower back pain, and facial pain/headaches due to allergies, and vertigo. Before acupuncture I tried, to no avail, every pain pill and muscle rub on the market as well as taking two types of allergy prescription medication plus a nasal spray. Nothing seemed to help, plus the chemicals were wreaking havoc on my body. With nothing left to lose I tried acupuncture.  I cannot even begin to say what a positive impact this decision has made on my life! In five months my neck and back pain has dramatically decreased; I haven't taken any ibuprofen or naproxen sodium in months! As for my allergy related pain, gone; I am no longer on any of the prescription medications. And the vertigo? I have not had an episode since late June.

In addition to being pain and vertigo free, my overall mood has also benefitted from acupuncture. I no longer feel super stressed, uptight or overwhelmed. The weekly sessions provide me with the opportunity to take a "time out" from the world. With the spa-like feel of White Lotus Acupuncture, I am able to relax and recharge both my body and mind. Also, Carla is an amazing acupuncturist who knows her craft well. Her level of expertise is evident in her sessions.  Her needling technique makes acupuncture a pleasant, pain-free experience. In addition Carla is friendly, professional, accommodating, and makes you feel uber comfortable from the very first session.  ~Carmela. R.  


Originally I was referred to Carla to help treat a bout of sciatica I was experiencing.  I was pleasantly surprised on my first visit with Carla's touch. Her approach to her art is both knowledgeable and professional. 

Finding the right acupuncturist is a very personal thing...I have been very lucky to have found Carla... I highly recommend her!    ~Ellen C


White Lotus Acupuncture is an absolute paradise. From the relaxing sounds playing, and super clean atmosphere and establishment you can tell you are in good hands. Carla does an excellent job in making sure that her patients are well taken care of, and that they leave feeling much better than when they arrived. I have never had an issue, and always feel relaxed, and energized when leaving. I would highly recommend White Lotus Acupuncture to just about anyone with aches and ailments in need of help. The environment, atmosphere, technique, down to the acupuncturist herself you are sure to be feeling better in no time. ~Robert S.


I was going through fertility treatments back in 2013 to try to have a baby and was told that acupuncture could help in the process, that’s when I decided to make an appointment with Carla.  At my first appointment she took the time to get to know me and the reasons I was there.   She is such a sweet person and made me feel so comfortable being there.  I loved every session with her; I would walk out of her office feeling more relaxed than I had ever felt.  After a few weeks of seeing her, I am happy to say, I was finally pregnant with my first child.  Here I am today still seeing her as often as I can to help with the stress of everyday life.  I highly recommend seeing Carla for whatever ailment you may have, she will help you!!!!  ~Justine V.


I started going to Carla for neck, shoulder and hand pain. Carla understood my pain points and helped alleviate the neck, shoulder and hand pain I was experiencing. She has a calm treatment method which was very helpful. ~Jigisha B.


When I received my cancer diagnosis back in January of 2014, I recall being more concerned about the conventional treatments than the cancer, itself.  I wondered if the current cancer treatments would leave me in such a debilitated state that I would end up feeling weak and unable to live my life to the fullest.  Would I be adversely affected by the treatments intended to kill the cancer?

I texted my acupuncture professional, whom I had been seeing for some mild shoulder discomfort. Ms. Carla Giannobile, L.Ac. O.M. immediately prescribed a continuance of the current acupuncture protocol that I was receiving, with the addition of several Chinese herbal medicines.  She assured me that the treatments that she was providing would help me maintain my strength and vitality throughout the hormone therapy, the surgery and radiation therapy prescribed by my oncologist.  She was right!  I got through all of my hospital treatments without any debilitating side effects.  I never experienced the fatigue that everyone warned me about as I went through five weeks (five days a week) of radiation for cancer.  I never needed any help getting to and from my appointments all the way over in Manhattan’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  My energy levels never decreased and, in fact, I believe I became more energetic during my cancer treatments.  Even the radiation therapists started calling me, “The Hulk!”  Further, I informed each of my doctors of the acupuncture treatments that I was receiving, and each gave me thumbs up!!  My primary care physician even spoke of his understanding that acupuncture has been implicated in the reduction of inflammation within the human body.

I am certain that Ms. Giannobile’s treatments helped me get through the biggest medical challenge of my life.  Today, I continue to do well, and I continue to follow my course of acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies with Ms. Carla Giannobile.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  ~Charles T.


I can’t even begin to describe how Carla’s education and expertise in providing acupuncture treatments and more has changed my life. Suffering from undiagnosed medical issues for the past two years up until 4 months ago, I was practically confined to my bed other than making through the work day. After finally obtaining a diagnosis, 5 weeks of supplements and prescribed medicines, there was minimal change in how I felt until I decided to venture into acupuncture. Having tried it once before with little positive effects, my expectations were low and I definitely expected any positive changes to only be observed after weeks of treatment.

I was floored when after my first treatment with Carla some of my most significant symptoms seemed to lessen overnight. It was if the acupuncture was the missing link or spark to complete the regime of supplements and medicines I was taking. Everything about Carla and White Lotus emits an energy of healing, from her knowledge base to her gentle and warm disposition and to the serene and private environment she provides at White Lotus. I am finally feeling remnants of my healthy self and White Lotus has been integral in getting me there!  ~Karen R.


Initially I didn’t know what acupuncture was nor what to expect. At the time when I started I suffered from vertigo, lower back pain & tendentious on my left elbow.  After receiving acupuncture for the past few months, with the care of Carla Giannobile I truly can say that this treatment has changed my life. It has helped me tremendously. 

Carla is an excellent therapist with her healing experience she is able to help others in need.  The result of this treatment has been amazing. I feel very lucky.  The vertigo, lower back pain & tendonitis has gone away.  I’m now more relaxed & less stressed with my daily responsibilities.  I highly recommend it to anyone in need. A very happy & satisfied patient.  ~Maggie R.


White Lotus Acupuncture was a great experience! Carla was very knowledgeable about was treatments would help alleviate some of my medical issues. I'm a diabetic that was experiencing "pins and needles" in my feet and through acupuncture, I was able to get the relief that I was looking for. This experience also helped relieve me of other issues that I was ignoring. I highly recommend the treatments offered at White Lotus Acupuncture!   ~Sameena Q.


White Lotus acupuncture has had a positive effect on my health. I was desperate to improve some health issues. I have been so happy with the ongoing results. Carla is so dedicated and accommodating. She believes strongly in helping and healing others.  ~Jennifer C.


Living in a fast paced high stakes world stress relief and relaxation is paramount.  I found this in Acupuncture, specifically at White Lotus Acupuncture.  Carla’s approach to this ancient healing art is wonderful.  This is the place where I can find my little “nirvana”.  I routinely doze off during the visit and leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. Whether it’s headaches, digestive concerns, infertility, or a need for stress relief this is the place.  Thank you Carla for being a part of my Health and Wellness Team.  ~Noah D.


I started going to Carla at White Lotus for acupuncture in September of 2014. My main goal was for weight loss, but soon discovered all the other areas acupuncture was able to help, back and neck pain, amongst others. I felt 100 times better at the end of my appointment. Carla is awesome!  She is very sweet and personable. She takes the time to get to know her patients, in order to help them the best she can.  ~Rachel M. 


I was diagnosed with MS back in 2005, and recently started feeling pain and loss of the control of my right leg. Someone recommended acupuncture to ease the pain . So, I contacted Carla at White Lotus Acupuncture and set up an appointment to start a session. Carla took the time to sit with me and discuss my situation , health issues and history. She was very concerned and wanted to help. I was very nervous. However, Carla made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. After my first session I felt like a new person floating in the air! The session helps me and makes me feel relaxed! I highly recommend White Lotus Acupuncture!!!  ~Lisa H.


Absolutely amazing....I suffer from spinal arthritis and Carla gives me treatments that reduce swelling, take away pain and make me feel wonderful.  ~Dawn P.


I highly recommend Carla. She made me feel totally comfortable and relaxed from the first appointment. She did a very thorough job of assessing my needs for my back pain and also talked to me about my allergy and sinus problems. She was a great listener, and made sure to understand everything about me before starting treatment. I have had great results from the treatment I have received from Carla. In addition to alleviating the problems in my back and sinuses, I have seen reduced head and neck tension from working at a desk all day, and feel an overall balance in my body and mind. Carla is incredibly knowledgeable and really takes the time to work with you. If you are unsure about acupuncture, I would suggest making an appointment with Carla, you will be happy you did.  ~Cheiron B.


Carla is absolutely amazing! She cured my sciatica! I came to her with a pain threshold of a ten and she was understanding, caring, and knew exactly how to help me. She is dedicated to her practice and truly is sincere and genuine about the holistic nature of acupuncture and the client. Carla had a profound effect on my sciatica recovery. I recommend her to all due to her compassionate nature and wisdom! Carla is a healer!!!  ~Alaina C.


I started going to white lotus for lower back pain. My pain has been significantly less and whenever I am feeling that it is getting tense again I go to Carla and she relieves me. She always takes her time with me and explains how different points help. If I go in for back pain, she will simultaneously treat me for anything else I mention- from ankle pain, to constipation, and low energy. A very important side effect is the ability to deal with the stresses of life easier. It's like going to a spa treatment so although I am taking care of real pain issues, I am also very relaxed.  ~Tess I.


Carla is an exceptional acupuncturist. She is dedicated to not only curing aches and pains but really trying to find the source of the problem. She takes her time with truly trying to understand the nucleus of the pain. Carla was not only able to help with severe back aches but also with night sweats. I was blessed to be able to find such a sincere acupuncturist that was able to take my pain and sweats away. I sincerely recommend Carla for all acupuncture services!  ~Peter C.


Thank you - I am walking without pain for the first time in years! Treatments are so relaxing and my knees feel great.  ~Pat C.  

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