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Long Haul COVID

Over these past years, the Covid-19 virus has affected all of us on some level, physically and/or emotionally; we continue to balance our lives alongside this virus and its mutations, it is challenging but what choice do we have?  The Covid-19 virus is stealthy; even with vaccines we cannot be fully shielded from it and people continue to contract it, vaccinated or not.  This is the new normal, living in the shadow of Covid-19 and  trying to live a normal life.  Unfortunately normal life can be derailed for those struggling with Long Haul Covid-19, which basically is symptoms of Covid-19 that are long-lasting, and sometimes cyclic, for weeks or months following illness with the Covid-19 virus.
Long haul Covid-19 individuals often deal with lasting side effects from the virus for several weeks to months, some have reported over a year.  Symptoms reported are fatigue, headaches, vertigo and/or dizziness, body aches, continued loss of taste and/or smell, sinus issues, phlegm and cough, digestive issues, nausea, brain fog, memory issues, hair loss, tachycardia, palpitations, tinnitus, depression, anxiety, chest pain, and diminished breathing capacity.  Not everyone will have all these symptoms but often times various symptoms come and go; it is not uncommon to feel better for a while only to have symptoms return.  It is very frustrating to be caught in this chronic cycle without an end in sight.  

So what can acupuncture and Chinese medicine do for long haulers?  It is believed that Covid-19 creates a state of hyper inflammation in the body thus leading to chronic health issues and a multitude of symptoms.  Acupuncture can address this inflammation by boosting the immune system which benefits your body from the root level, hence addressing your particular long haul symptoms.  With regular treatment patients see improvement of symptoms and feel more energetic.  Often times patients opt to include Chinese herbal medicine along with acupuncture which is a stronger treatment approach and more effective; the choice is yours.


White Lotus realizes how these symptoms are impacting people's lives and how mentally challenging it is.  Our hope is that everyone suffering finds some relief from their symptoms.  

Please feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss your particular issue.

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