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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture can be viewed as an external therapy, and herbal medicine, an internal therapy.  Together they strive to balance yin and yang aspects of health, complementing each other.  Chinese herbal medicine is safe and effective, it is becoming a more viable natural health choice.

Assorted raw Chinese herbs.
​Are you interested in natural herbal remedies that can boost your immunity, assist with a health issue, or sustain wellness?  Chinese herbal medicine is a safe, effective, and drug-free way to achieve these goals, naturally.  By incorporating herbal medicine with acupuncture your treatment will progress more quickly, as these two modalities complement each other, as do yin and yang.


Chinese herbal remedies go back thousands of years, as does acupuncture.  Today formulas have become very common and are taken by millions of people daily; they are regulated, tested, and safe to use.  Formulas are designed to serve the individual needs of the patient, treating issues from the root of the matter, and not just symptomatically.


Herbal formulas are offered in raw form, capsules, granules, or tinctures.  Herbs can be taken individually but more often are selectively combined into a formula.  An herbal formula can be viewed as a synergistic melding of specific herbs resulting in a 'formula' which addresses a specific pattern of illness, as seen through Chinese medicine principles.  Formulas can be custom created but more often they are adapted from classical Chinese herbal formulas that are thousands of years old. 


Herbal formulas are safer and much gentler than pharmaceutical drugs.  However, we must remember that even though herbal remedies are natural, drug and herb interactions must be considered, so always inform your practitioner of any medications, herbs, or supplements that you are taking.  Also, if you are pregnant or nursing, always inform your practitioner.  Though pregnancy and fertility can be supported through the use of Chinese herbs, some herbs and formulas are not appropriate.


White Lotus Acupuncture provides Chinese herbal consultations suited to meet your personal needs.  Consultations are complementary with acupuncture sessions and are also offered as a stand-alone service.  Carla Giannobile is an NCCAOM board certified Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist with several years of experience and extensive training.  

Laboratory Testing and Quality Assurance:

White Lotus Acupuncture chooses herbal manufacturers, products and supplements based on high quality standards and strict laboratory testing.  Manufacturing herbal testing assures the safety and efficacy of Chinese herbs.  Analysis testing is performed to verify each species of herb and screens for pesticides, heavy metals, sulfites, and bacterial contamination.  Visit the links below of our herbal manufacturers to view specific information regarding laboratory testing. 

Herbal products dispensed at White Lotus Acupuncture LLC meet the current international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. White Lotus Acupuncture does not dispense any products containing endangered plant or animal species.

Kan Herb Company - Quality Assurance

Classical Pearls - Purity, Quality, & Potency

Health Concerns - Product Quality Assurance

Kamwo Meridian Herbs - Herb Quality & Assurance

Evergreen Herbs - Quality Control and Manufacturing

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