Acupuncture For Detox

Detox sessions assist with the issues and symptoms stemming from detoxification.  Detox acupuncture can be are used for smoking cessation, food or diet issues, drug withdrawal, or any form of personal cleansing.  Acupuncture calms the mind and body and minimizes the symptoms associated with the detox at hand, such as cravings, anxiety, and stress.  Results are the most effective with twice weekly sessions for a month.

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Are you considering a detox, cleanse, or lifestyle change?  Adding acupuncture to your health routine can help your detox go more smoothly, assisting your body with the new changes occurring.  Acupuncture works from the root level and activated your body's natural healing mechanism; acupuncture balances the body and calms the mind.


Detoxing is a popular concept these days and most likely someone you know has been on a detox diet or 'cleanse' in some form or another.  Generally, detoxing is associated with cleansing, typically of the body but also of the mind, lifestyle, and even the home.  Detoxing can be as basic as removing a single food group from your diet, such as dairy, or more intense as with withdrawal of drugs or alcohol.  Smoking cessation, weight loss, and drug or alcohol withdrawal all fall under the category of detoxification.  No matter what type of detox, acupuncture can assist with any challenges while progressing into a healthier state of wellness.


Acupuncture assists with side effects stemming from detoxification.  Depending on your current state of health, diet, exercise regimen, and stress level, the intensity of side effects will vary from near none to intense.  Detox can be a shock to your system as your body expels built up toxins; side effects can manifest as headache, fatigue, anxiety, stress, muscle pain, nausea, lightheadedness, gas and bloating, constipation or diarrhea, and sleep disruption, among others.  Studies have shown that acupuncture effectively provides reduction in cravings and assists with relief from withdrawal symptoms, some listed above.  Acupuncture assists by releasing endorphins in the brain that benefit mood and alleviate stress, helping the individual to better manage the detox symptoms.  Everyone experiences detox differently, your side effects and their intensity may not be the same as your friend who is also detoxing.

And remember, acupuncture treats the whole person, not just the symptom.  This means that your overall health will improve; you could see improved sleep, better mood, improved digestion, and even clearer skin. Acupuncture is ideal to incorporate into your life even after your cleanse is over; monthly maintenance visits are encouraged for maintaining the results that you have achieved.


White Lotus Acupuncture recommends a course of treatment of 8 sessions, twice per week for one month.  Twice weekly sessions are highly recommended during the initial month of detox as symptoms are the most intense at this time.  Patients may move to weekly sessions once they feel more comfortable with their situation.  

Detox is a journey to improved health, and at first the road may be a bit bumpy.  Incorporating acupuncture into your journey could make the road a bit easier, more pleasant, and worth it in the long run.