Herbal Consultations

White Lotus Acupuncture offers Chinese herbal consultations as stand-alone sessions or paired along with your private acupuncture session.  Carla Giannobile is an NCCAOM board certified Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with years of experience and extended herbal training.

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Chinese Herbal Consultation

White Lotus offers stand-alone Chinese herbal consultations in the case that acupuncture is not desired.  Ideally acupuncture is paired with herbs but is not mandatory; however combining both therapies will only benefit your healing. 

Herbal consultations are a thorough review and discussion of your medical history and chief medical complaints for which you are seeking treatment.  

Herbal consultations are equivalent to the price of an acupuncture session.  Acupuncture is not included. 

White Lotus Acupuncture is not a retail establishment for supplements or herbal medicine.  We only manage the herbal therapy of our established patients.