What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine encompasses many disciplines, including acupuncture, whose common thread is the recognition that all disturbances in the physical body and emotions are directly linked to imbalances of vital energy in the organism.


Electro-stimulation (ES) therapy is one aspect of energy medicine. When used in accordance with acupuncture principles, ES therapy deals with the applications of electrical energy in diagnosing and treating the acupuncture meridian system. 


The relationship between the human body and electrical energy is so intertwined that all life processes, and virtually all health care interventions, including acupuncture, physical therapies, and also herbal medicine and drug treatments, deal with this relationship in some way. These therapies are effective because, on some level, they induce adjustments in the bio-electric field of the organism and processes of the body.

The Electrical Nature of Life

All of our life functions are directly or indirectly associated with electrical activity. Albert Einstein's famous equation E=mc2 states that all matter is equivalent to energy, at a much slower rate of vibration. 


All body functions are governed by electrical systems. These electrical systems include muscle contractions and relaxations, nerve function, digestion, glandular secretions, brain activity, bone and tissue healing and regeneration, pain perception and more. In the human body, energy is produced on the cellular level by the Krebs (or citric acid) cycle, from the lung-heart connection, and the transformation of nutritive substances by the organs.


These energies produced by the body are electrical in nature, and produce an electrical field in and around the body. This energy field is analogous to the concept of qi, the underlying concept within acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Also based on electromagnetic energies are the acupuncture meridians, which act as pipelines that guide the qi to different parts of the body, as determined through acupuncture needling, ES therapy, or other energy fields

What is Qi?

Qi is energy, described as the life force, in Chinese theory. Qi is what carries the effect of acupuncture from one acupoint to other parts of the body, via the meridians. 


Acupuncture is a system based on energy meridians, also referred to as channels, which flow together to create a circuit that runs continually throughout the entire body; qi is the energy that runs through these meridians. Acupuncture needling and ES therapy are methods that stimulate effects within the meridian system, which can result in pain relief, for example.


Chinese theory states: "When qi does not flow, pain occurs. When qi flows, pain disappears". Therefore, the treatment of acupuncture points via acupuncture or ES therapy, establishes the flow of qi within meridians where energy, or qi has previously been blocked.