This Thing Called 'Qi'

Qi (pronounced chee), is the energy or life force within us and all around us. Qi is energy, and as we learned in physics class, energy is the basic building block of everything in nature and the universe, including our own bodies. 


Qi is life. Without it there can be no growth, no change. Viewing any health issue from the Chinese medicine perspective it becomes clear that nothing is unmovable, unworkable, or permanent due to the fluid and transformational qualities of Qi


At the level of energy, nothing is impossible to heal or transform. It’s the level where miracles can happen. The human body has the power to generate healing, it just needs a little help at times, and certain requirements for healing need to be met. 

Channels of Energy

There are twelve pairs of major meridians that run through the body; these meridians create a circuit of energy that flows continually. Each meridian corresponds to an internal organ, and each organ has its own physiological and invisible energy functions, pertaining to Chinese medicine principles. These organ systems are not only dependent on each other but also on the greater meridian network.


Qi flows continuously through the meridians, and as long as enough Qi flows freely through the meridians and to the associated organ, the body can remain in good health. These life-giving energy pathways help coordinate the work of the organs and keep your body balanced by regulating its functions. However, due to various reasons, one example being excess stress, the meridians may become clogged or even blocked. When this happens the function of the associated organ and ultimately the whole body, mind, and spirit, can become disrupted.